Friday, January 17, 2003

Great Article on Geoff Bodine

From the racing junky:

Bodine continued doing things his way. Which didn't sit well the with monarchy known as NASCAR. To make matters worse, Bodine won and won during the next few years. In 1986, he captured the Super Bowl of auto racing trophy. He won the Daytona 500. But when Geoffrey went back to Daytona last year (where he finished 3rd, by the way) he went to museum. While watching the film of all the past Daytona 500 winners and waiting for his turn on the film, something strange happened. It skipped right over 1986. When Geoffrey went to the offices for a visit he noticed something else strange. Lining the walls were all the past Daytona 500 winners. Guess whose was absent? Yep, Geoffrey's. Coincidence? Probably not. Remember the "or else" part? NASCAR didn't return calls to comment on the above.