Sunday, January 26, 2003

I was Right! Thanks to Amy for Finding the Proof!

Ever since I first saw this beer commercial I said that it was a rippoff of Tom T. Hall's "I Love." Hopefully Coors is paying him big royalties.

From the NY Times:

The team of Aaron Evanson and John Godsey provided the ''Love Songs'' idea. Two hours before the meeting, they were driving back from a focus group in Indianapolis when Godsey, 38, came up with the idea of writing a love song for guys. His inspiration was ''I Love,'' a 1974 hit by Tom T. Hall in which the country musician extols the virtues of, among other things, pickup trucks, coffee in a cup and little fuzzy pups. Knowing that puppies weren't likely to sell beer, they began to compile a list of things they thought would -- ''sports, supermodels, eating and hanging out with friends,'' Evanson says.