Tuesday, January 14, 2003

What the Capuchins are putting in the Solanus Casey Center

From the NCTimes.net

Contreras' work is not easily confused with traditional church art, nor does it have stereotypical images of American Indians. There are no bows or feathers in his stylized pieces.

"Spirit of the Earth" will be installed at the new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles this fall. The bronze piece has already been cast in a Mexican foundry.

"Sister Mother Earth" will be installed later this year at the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit. Contreras was putting the finishing touches on its design last week to prepare it for the foundry.

It is nice for the Capuchins to support the work of this fine artist. I just wonder why a Native American theme is the choice for an Irish friar? Ever since the Vatican II a certian group of religious in this country seem to prefer to pray to the four winds rather than the Judeo-Christian God. I have witnessed this time and time again and it mystifies me. When I go to American Indian sites in the U.S. and Canada I expect to find Native American art, but when I go to Roman Catholic churches I expect to find Catholic art--of Christian themes not of "mother earth" or "spirit earth."