Friday, June 24, 2005

Online Bible Prophet Predicts Death of Pope

Fulfillment: April 21, 2005: Pope Benedict:

"Malachy Prophecy

There has been speculation about how this pope may fulfill his Malachy related prophecy and there is some speculation that he will lay his life down for the church in some way.

Of all the various speculations, this one is likely correct as this is what Jesus eventually did as well. If it happens at a time known to the day-for-a-year charts, it will most likely happen within a week of June 24, 2005, a prophetic replay of Jesus' crucifixion. If not on this replay, but if still on a known replay of Jesus' crucifixion, it will happen in late December, 2009. This latter date would make Benedict the last pope. Time will tell if the speculation on Malachy's prophecy is correct."