Thursday, August 18, 2005

20th World Youth Day - Cologne Airport - Welcome Ceremony

Entire text available at 20th World Youth Day - Cologne Airport - Welcome Ceremony:

"During this World Youth Day we will reflect together on the theme: "We Have Come To Worship Him" (Mt 2:2). This is a precious opportunity for thinking more deeply about the meaning of life as a "pilgrimage," guided by a "star," in search of the Lord. Together we shall consider the Magi, who, coming from various distant lands, were among the first to recognize the promised Messiah in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Virgin Mary, and to bow down in worship before him (cf. Mt 2:1-12). The ecclesial community and the city of Cologne have a special link with these emblematic figures. Like the Magi, all believers -- and young people in particular -- have been called to set out on the journey of life in search of truth, justice and love. The ultimate goal of the journey can only be found through an encounter with Christ, an encounter which cannot take place without faith."