Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans Warned?

This story is from last Tuesday...the Virgin Mary on a billboard for a funeral home, a ticking clock, looking west toward a graveyard.

FromVirgin Mary spotted on Big Easy billboard:- - World News -

A New Orleans billboard for a funeral home is attracting the curious after a painter spotted an image of the Virgin Mary standing in it.

Mark Kleindorf, 40, said he first noticed the image while he was painting a shop's walls. Kleindorf said he noticed a white blotch on the left side of the sign, part of the original funeral home photograph that could be described as sunlight. Within it, he saw the profile of Mary, standing in the archway with her back to the ticking clock on the right side of the sign. The solitary figure seems perfectly proportioned, the New Orleans Times-Picayune said. She is clothed in a white gown and veil and is facing west, toward a cemetery.

However, Archdiocese of New Orleans spokesman, the Rev. William Maestri dismissed the claim.

This would not even remotely qualify as an apparition, Maestri said. This is simply a speculation based on an imaginative interpretation of what something appears to be.

More on the man who first spotted it:

Kleindorf, who refers to himself as a "cajew" because he was raised by a Jewish father and Catholic mother, said he is not the first member of his family to have a vision of Mary. Years ago, his uncle, Broadway and local actor Jay Kleindorf, shared with his nephew his story of a vision.

"When he was in World War II, he was driving in the back of a flatbed truck with a bunch of his Army buddies, and he looked up in the trees and he saw the Blessed Mother waving, pulling him towards her like, 'Come to me. Come to me,' " Kleindorf said. "So, he shouted to his guys, 'Jump,' and when they jumped, that's when the mortar hit the truck and blew up everybody else in it. . . . When he got older, he told me the story the same way over and over, didn't miss a beat."

'This is spooky'