Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Very Dangerous Storm

Katrina takes aim at New Orleans Weather News:

With winds up to 145 mph and Katrina is now a Category 4 storm. This hurricane may continue to strengthen to Category 5 (winds of 155 mph) before making landfall on the Southeastern Louisiana coast early Monday afternoon. Hurricane watches extended from Intracoastal City, LA, to east as Destin, Fla., but for almost 24 hours, the center of the projected path has bobbled only slightly between the New Orleans/Metairie line and Slidell.

President Bush late Saturday declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, following a request earlier by Gov. Kathleen Blanco, a move that frees up federal emergency aid for the storm. Bush also urged residents to follow the advice of forecasters, and flee the storm.

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