Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Hoarse Pope Receives Blessing from a Child

From Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - News In English:

With the original sin, man 'has replaced the glory of incorruptible God with the
image and figure of corruptible man, choosing to worship idols and becoming
alike', said Pope Benedict XVI today, describing the temptation to be godless,
which has always affected man, and is still topical. In order to react to this
temptation, said the Pope in the general hearing, 'we must keep on considering
the son of God a model. He freed us from darkness and took us to the kingdom of
his son. This is the condition that grants us eternal salvation, because Jesus
Christ is the first-born of the dead, namely, the first to resuscitate'. The
pope then greeted the members of the Cistercense Order in St.Peter's square,
asking them to 'faithfully experience St.Bernard's charisma, and pursue his
century-long spirtitual fertility'. THe pope also met Moscow nuncio, mons.
Antonio Mennini, and the representatives of the Holy See in South Africa and
Peru. The pope was in good shape, but had a hoarse voice. A curious episode
after the general hearing: a down lad, waiting to be blessed by the pope, gave
him a blessing himself before receiving it, with the austere pontiff smiling.