Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Deacon Testifies Priest Confessed Murders to Him

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but why didn't the Deacon go to the authorities both civil and ecclesial with this information?

From MPR: Judge rules priest 'probably' committed Hudson murders:

Deacon Russell Lundgren, from St. Mary's Church in Hurley, testified Monday he
talked to Erickson after police interviewed the priest late last year.
'He tells me that 'I done it and they were going to catch me,'' Lundgren said during
the hearing.
'He was staring out the window. Throughout the whole conversation, we never made eye contact,' Lundgren said.
The priest also told him, 'Do you know what they do with young guys in prison, especially priests?' Lundgren testified.
Lundgren said they never talked about the deaths again.
Erickson, 31, was found hanged Dec. 19 from a fire escape at his parish in Hurley in far northern Wisconsin several days after police questioned him and he denied involvement in the deaths of Dan O'Connell, 39, and intern James Ellison, 22.