Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gay Toronto Priest Outs Himself on TV

My guess is we'll find out that he has been removed from ministy..."retired" is often the Church's euphemism for a variety of censures.

From - Canada - Gay Toronto priest outs himself on TV:

'I'm a Roman Catholic priest and I'm gay.'

With that confession, 63-year-old Karl Clemens became the first priest in Canada to openly declare his homosexuality.

Clemens - a priest for 33 years who retired from the Kingston diocese seven years ago - now lives in Toronto, calling Church Street in the city's gay village his parish.

'I don't have a parish,' Clemens told 360 Vision in a documentary that aired last night on VisionTV. 'My parish is the street - the highways, the byways, the bars.'

Clemens, who wears a priest's collar and says mass every day in his living room, said he is celibate.