Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Synod on the Eucharist

John Allen discusses the propositions coming out of the Synod, and they are rather unremarkable. While the discussions have been forthright, it seems when all is said and done the Synod as a whole can think of nothing pastorally that might solve the problems that exist. I give you the two quotes that Allen gives to sum up all of this...From John Allen at NCR:

One synod participant told NCR on Tuesday morning that in his view, the propositions "faithfully reflect the discussion on the synod floor."

Another participant, however, expressed dissatisfaction. "I wonder why in the hell they brought us here and put us through all this," he said Oct. 18, "to say absolutely nothing more than what has been painfully said for decades."

This participant expressed hope that since Benedict XVI listened to most of the discussions, he might come up with more innovative responses to some of the pastoral problems identified in the synod.