Monday, October 17, 2005

A Tale of Two Teams

When Urban Meyer turned down an opportunity to interview at the University of Notre Dame last year and Notre Dame ended up with Charlie Weis it seemed as though Notre Dame had lost out on the best coach available.

Now Meyer's Gators have two losses and Weis's Irish also have two losses, but does anyone out there think that it is a wash as to who has their team headed in the right direction?

Meyer inherited a very talented team that played very good but was incredibly inconsistent...beating a top ranked team one week, losing to an unranked team the next.

Weis inherited a team that, well, just looked horrible all of the time.

Now Weis has taken his group of misfits and made them into contenders even in defeat. Meyer has taken his talented team and forced an offensive scheme that, well, makes them look horrible even when they win.

Its to early to tell how all of this will play out, but I'm guessing the Irish fans are pretty happy that they got Weis--Gator fans are starting to wonder why Steve Spurrier isn't back with them and Urban isn't still with the Mountain West Conference.