Monday, March 27, 2006

Archbiship Marini Hospitalized?

Rumor floating around Rome is that Papal Master of Ceremonies, Archbishop Piero Marini has suffered a heart attack and has been hospitalized.

Now if this is true, let me make one comment. I noticed at the Mass on Saturday that Marini kept rubbing his eyes during the Pope's homily. ..which struck me as strange as these papal attendants usually are very stoic. If there is someone with medical knowledge could rubbing of the eyes be a warning sign?

It might be that Marini is getting too old to handle the rigours of papal liturgies (three in the past three days)!

Btw, I wasn't the only one who noticed. Check out what Shouts has to say:

Just as Marini being passed over for cardinal doesn't necessarily mean
anything neither does his remaining on the job as M.C. As is always the case we
don't get to decide for him what the Pope's actions (or lack thereof) mean.
Besides, there's always next year for more red hats, right? Perhaps that's why
Piero seemed so out of it at yesterday's Consistory?
Perhaps, the axe is about
to fall and he's bummed? Maybe the axe has already fallen and it just isn't
public yet so he's feeling whistful for the "old days" of the last millenium
when he had more control?

(emphasis mind)


  1. The list of medications that cause dry eyes is extensive and includes certain blood pressure medications (beta-blockers), antidepressants, heart anti-arrhythmia drugs and Parkinson's medications.

  2. Is there any confirmation for this anywhere ...?

  3. Patrick O'CarrollMarch 28, 2006 at 3:20 PM

    Rubbing of the eyes does not signal a heart attack, but Archbishop Marini could have been feeling dizzy, or having blurred or double vision. Both are sometimes warning signs of a heart attack and/or a stroke.
    I am a staunch conservative traditionalist and don't appreciate the way Marini has done HIs job, nor the views on Catholic tradition (especially on the Tridentine Latin Mass) that He holds. But unlike many traditionalists, I won't be rubbing my hands gleefully at this news, which is probably true. Marini looked very tired on Sunday, and at times ill.
    I hope He retires quietly, and is replaced by a traditionalist who favors bringing back some of the regalia and trappings of Papal ceremonies which unfortunatly have been discarded and replaced with nothing. Hopefully a man open to the Tridentine Latin Mass and more ceremonial.
    But the bottom line is let's hope Marini gets well.


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