Sunday, March 19, 2006

Divine Mercy Image (Rome March 4th)

I took this picture on March 4th at St. Peter's in Chains (in Rome, not Cincinnati as someone thought). It looks as though there is fire emiting from the rays of Divine Mercy (that wasn't why I took the photo, but it's the way it turned out on my digital camera): Click on image to enlarge.

I was in Rome on pilgrimage. If you read what happened earlier in the day under the post "Mass with Cardinal Ruini" I wonder if this were not a sign? The anniversary of Pope John Paul's last nine days are coming up this week. Last year on Good Friday the live Vatican feed showed the Pope watching the Via Dolorossa from his private chapel, this would have been the day that the Novena of Divine Mercy began...nine days later he died just as the novena concluded and as Evening Prayer I for the Feast of Divine Mercy was beginning. May all who see this image, confess their sins and spend the remainder of this Lenten Season learning about the great Mercy of Jesus Christ!

Let me also recommend the book Mercy Minutes: Daily Gems from the Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalski which gives a few lines of St. Faustina's diary for meditation for everyday (edited by Father George Kosicki)