Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Mighty Marlins

Given that I am one of only twelve loyal Florida Marlin fans and that the hijinx of Jeffrey Loria this year just about caused me to cave in--having barely survived the similar stunt by original owner trash mogul Wayne H. (I've hated the Dolphins ever since he bought them)--this is the team that no matter who owns them, no matter how lousy the fan support, or lack of stadium, or selling off the team--you just can't kill them.

They truly are the "mighty Marlins" like the fish that nearly killed the old man in The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway--how about the convergence of "Ernesto" losing steam over Cuba (think Hemingway and The Old Man and the Sea) and the rise of the Marlins to just 1 1/5 games out of the wild card lead?

Two World Series crowns, while one team in this neck of the woods has gone over a 100 years and is still blaming some poor guy for going after a foul ball as the goat who caused thier team to lose to the Mighty Marlins--wake up folks!