Monday, December 4, 2006

Don't Think Gators Have a Chance?

On November 4th I was walking on 2nd Avenue in Nashville, TN. Why was I there? I had watched Florida play Vanderbilt earlier in that day in a game where Florida built a big lead (scored 25 points...the same amount of points that Michigan scored against Vanderbilt by the way) and then held on as Vanderbilt made a game of it. I stopped in front of an establishment where there was a crowd gathered. What were they doing? They were watching Illinois mount a charge, a last ditch effort to tie the mighty Ohio State Buckeyes. They failed, but the final score 17-10 should give everyone pause...if lowly and much maligned Ron Zook could almost do it...there is hope that Urban Meyer can watch that tape and come away with something.

I hate the BCS, by the way. It has ruined college football. Let's turn all these bowl games into playoff games (at the same sights) and make it all worth watching and caring about and in the end as in college basketball the rankings will mean nothing.