Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pope Appeals for Just Treatment of Migrants

Many of whom in Europe are Moslems and of course many of whom in this country are Catholics.

From Asia News Italy:

The Pontiff mentioned the international scope of migration. “According to
United Nations estimates, there are almost 200 million migrants, about 9 million
refugees and 2 million international students;” to these we must add, “a great
number of brothers and sisters who are internally displaced people or
irregular”, and especially remember that to each “corresponds, one way or
another, a family”.

For Benedict XVI we must first look at this phenomenon in religious
terms and remember the Holy Family, “icon of all families, because it reflects
the image of God that is held in the heart of each human family even when it is
weakened and sometimes scarred by life’s experiences.”

“In this misfortune experienced by the Family of Nazareth [. . .] we
can catch a glimpse of the painful condition in which all migrants live,
especially, refugees, exiles, evacuees, internally displaced persons, those who
are persecuted. We can take a quick look at the difficulties that every migrant
family lives through, the hardships and humiliations, the deprivation and
fragility of millions,” he said.