Friday, January 5, 2007

"What Would Your Mother Think?"

One of the great preachers of our day is none other than the Archbishop of Milwaukee and again here he is at his greatest giving us a lesson on the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God...

From Archbishop Timothy Dolan:

I could not get out of my head the story I heard on Christmas Day from a good friend, Father Ron Ramson, now a missionary in Kenya, visiting me for the holidays.
Seems that a seventy-three year old Daughter of Charity, also a missionary in Kenya, walked into a burglary in process at a religious house in Nairobi. The thieves were rough, ruthless, vicious, driven by violence and probably drugs. After they had pillaged the house, one of the criminals turned to Sister and leered at her, “Pull up your dress.” His intention was clear: he was going to rape this seventy-three year old nun.
With all the calmness she could muster, she looked at him and replied, “What would your mother think of you?”
Can you imagine? To a raged, pillaging rapist, she says words you would use to chide a six-year old after he had said a nasty word: “What would your mother think of
And how did the potential rapist react? He stopped, looked at Sister, thought a moment, and left her alone . ..
Those simple words had worked. That appeal to his mother had been effective.
“What would your mother think of you?” It seems that, no matter how low we may sink in life, how many mistakes, sins, or crimes we may have committed, the thought of our mother brings back all that is right, good, decent, noble, and honorable.
Moms represent the way things should be, not how bad they are. Moms remind us that we are destined for greatness, for virtue.
Bring on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God, the Mother of us all. In her very person she reminds us of the dignity that God the Father intended for all of us: free from sin, close to Him, united to Jesus, taken body and soul to heaven. That’s God’s plan for us all, you know.

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