Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vatican Treasures Found In Illinois House?

From CBS Channel 2 in Chicago:

There's something strange going on in a west suburban neighborhood. As CBS 2’s Rafael Romo reports, rumors are flying that priceless art from the Vatican may be inside a Berwyn home.

“By the time I came home from work the place was just swarming with police inside and out and they've been staking the place out each and every night since then,” said Greg Baroni, who lives next door to the house that may be holding a mystery.

Berwyn police have been standing guard outside the house, on Elmwood Avenue, for the last three days.But they are not saying what has been found inside the home that belonged to an Italian man in his late 70s who died last Thursday.

“He was a bank teller at Taylor Street for his whole life, as far as I know. I think he came here in the late 50s and I believe he owned the house since 1963,” Baroni said.