Friday, May 25, 2007

Cardinal Martini Praises Pope's Jesus of Nazareth

From Catholic World News:

Cardinal Martini, an influential and outspoken prelate who has sometimes clashed with the Vatican because of his liberal views, described Jesus of Nazareth as "a great and ardent testimony to Jesus of Nazareth and his significance for the history of mankind."

Noting that the Pope had asked readers to consider his book "in a spirit of freedom" rather than as an authoritative teaching, Cardinal Martini observed that the book is not the work of a Scripture scholar, and has "little faults." But he balanced that criticism by saying that the Pope writes as a theologian "who moves easily through the exegetical literature of his time." Cardinal Martini pointed to what he saw as three strengths in the Pope's work: a willingness to examine the life of Jesus in the context of all human history; a determined effort to "anchor the Christian faith in its Jewish roots;" and a skepticism about the historical-critical approach to Scripture, which in turn means "rejecting any contradiction between faith and history."