Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"That might (have been) our worst game of the year,"

...said Cubs manager Lou Piniella.

I once taught Lou's son Derek, and have met him a few times back then.

But I am a Florida Marlins fan and so I was happy to be at Wrigley Field to witness what Lou calls "their worst game of the year!"

There is no better place to watch a baseball game, then Wrigley. The fans are into baseball, there is electricity to the place. There is no video scoreboard or much of anything else to distract you from the game.

I sat a few seats away from where Bartman sat when he became the billy(scape) goat for the Cubs losing to the Marlins the last time that the Marlins ultimately won their second World Series Championship.

A pleasant visit if you are like me, one of the very few faithful Florida Marlin's fans!