Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Pope's New Book

Our Sunday Visitor will release the new book--The Apostles: The Origin of the Church and Their Co-Workers sometime this summer (July or August). It takes up where Jesus of Nazareth leaves off, but unlike that book which the Pope did not want to be considered part of his magisterial office--this one is and contains some of the same teachings as well as many others concerning the origins of the church and the Apostles. It will please any reader of Jesus of Nazareth. The cover of the book has a tie in with this week's feast. Here is the image that is used:



  2. Is this the same book that is currently available at as:
    Christ and His Church: Seeing the Face of Jesus in the Church of the Apostles

  3. Hi Thomas,

    It is drawn from the same material, but it won't be the same book. Our version should be very user friendly.

  4. Thanks, Michael.

    That's very interesting and prompts various questions that will have to wait until both books are out, I guess.


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