Friday, May 11, 2007

Rabbi Asks Pope to Bless Him...

Then asks the pope if he wants to be blessed by him...(pope says "yes")

By the way, this is why blogs rule and traditional media is on the decline...

From Rorate Caeli:

Rabbi Henry Sobel, president of the rabbinate of the São Paulo Israelite Congregation (CIP) said yesterday, after leaving the ecumenical and interreligious meeting with the Pope in the Monastery of Saint Benedict, that he was not only blessed by Benedict XVI, but also had the opportunity to bless him."With great humility, I asked for a blessing and was blessed. I also asked the Pope's permission to bless him, a permission which was granted to me".

He declared himself "light and happy" and he mentioned that he had no opportunity to show regret for the necktie shoplifting episode [Say what? Oh... this], for which he was arrested last March 23, in Florida.