Sunday, May 20, 2007

There is a Line in the Big Lebowski...

Your "revolution" is over...,
The bums lost!

This thought comes to mind when I read reviews by critics of the scholarship of the pope.

Michael Dubruiel


  1. Michael,

    Your excerpting from the Pope's new book has compelled me to place an online order...Great job!

    As far as the the Big Lebowski goes, I never saw the flick, but I believe the gist of the line is the same as when you are about to begin a pick up game of baseball and ritually toss the bat to see who gets "last licks." The opposing captains work their hand grips up the Louisville Slugger, each deposing the other until one triumphantly caps the knob and wins the friendly challenge thus becoming the home team.

    So, if I am right and can make the conversion...the Bums have been knobbed!

    Am I on the mark or in left field?

    For it's one, two, three strikes...are they out?

    GBU...I should be getting the book on Tuesday through Amazon.
    might spur some thoughts too.

  2. Exactly,

    Such as the infamous Fr. O'Leary's review on Amazon. Though his review was has not been voted as helpful for many, while your review is at the top.


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