Monday, June 4, 2007

Franz Jagerstatter to be Declared a Martyr

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!

I've used his story in some of my books and have always thought that his resistence is the example that needed to be praised publicly. Pope Benedict has authorized the promulgation of his cause. From Vatican Information Service:

- Servant of God Frank Jagerstatter , Austrian layman, born 1907 and killed in Berlin, Germany in 1943.

His story by Robert Royal at the Catholic Education:

Austrian Farmer Franz Jagerstatter ROBERT ROYAL


  1. An identified hero of the left for 3 decades at minimum. Noted in writings by Dorothy Day, although this witness was once devastatingly disparaged on several favored conservative blogs when I mentioned him in 2004.

    May St. Franz pray for us.

    Dan Conway

  2. I've read Franz' story in the past. Definitely, a rare brave martyr. Jumping off the point raised by Dan Conway, was Franz generally considered an anti-war person? That is, his heroic refusal to join the Nazi army is one thing (a heroic refusal to cooperate with evil); but if he were, say, a Frenchman, would he have taken up arms to defend his country from the evil Nazi aggression? Would Franz have argued in general against military defense against Nazi aggression?


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