Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Books You Will be Interested In

Should you read Harry Potter? Find out what a homeschooling mom has to say:

Want to meditate on the mystery of the Creed with a trusted spiritual advisor?

You've read Jesus of Nazareth, now read what the Pope has to say about the origins of the Catholic Church and the Apostles:

Want to reinvigorate your spiritual life by making a good confession?

Have a question about your spiritual life?

Want the perfect gift for that teen or young adult faced with the big questions of what life is all about anyway?


  1. Michael - When will the Pocket Guide to Confession be available? Amazon says it's only available for preorder. Thanks!

  2. It'll be available September 1st. Praying with the Creed is available this week, Harry Potter in about two weeks, the Pope in about a month and the rest in September.


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