Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Sunday Visitor

If you received a holy card at the papal Mass in Washington and wonder where it was from...Fort Wayne's Newscenter has the answer:
A prayer card commemorating the papal visit made right here in northeast Indiana. The 50-thousand-plus people who attended mass this morning at the Washington stadium, each took one home.

The prayer cards were made by the 'Our Sunday Visitor' publishing company, located in Huntington, Indiana. The cards have a picture of pope benedict the 16th on the front and a quote from the holy leader on the back. Our Sunday Visitor' is one of the most-read catholic publications in the country, with more than 300-thousand households receiving it. The paper's publisher says they've had the prayer cards ready to go since January. He thinks the pope's visit and material like this will help excite Catholics and non-Catholics alike about the faith.

Greg Erlandson/Publisher. 'Our Sunday Visitor': "Truthfully what we are asking is how can we serve the Church and make this visit a success. Particularly, in this case, where you have various conservatoires, you've got the death threats from Osama Bin Laden, all these issues. I think praying for the success of the visit was really important. I mean if we really say what we are about, than we should start praying for the success. And, I think most Catholics have been."