Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lenten Meditation

Since the time of early Christianity, there have been forms
of prayer that use breathing as a cadence for prayer. The Jesus
Prayer and the Rosary, along with various forms of contemplative
prayer, are all variations of this type of prayer. The real prayer
behind all of these methods is the prayer of surrender: “Into
your hands I commend my spirit.” This was the prayer that Jesus
prayed to the Father from the cross.

As we surrender ourselves to God, we acknowledge him to
be our source and ask him to animate our actions according to
his will at every moment of every day. The inability to surrender
94 The Power of the Cross

in this way, on the other hand, is often the root problem in our
struggles in the spiritual life. When we put God anywhere but at
the center of our lives, we deceive ourselves. Life is short and
unpredictable, and completely beyond our control.
By surrendering to God, we acknowledge where the control
belongs, and place ourselves where we were created to be: In the
loving hands of our Father, under his watchful eye

"michael dubruiel"

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