Thursday, May 27, 2021

Spiritual Reflection by Michael Dubruiel - Part 1

  By Michael Dubruiel, 2007

No doubt,  if you went to Mass this past weekend, you heard a homily on the very powerful Gospel that was proclaimed--the story of Jesus' visit to the home of Martha and Mary. In the gospel, Martha complains to Jesus that Mary basically is doing nothing and leaving all the work to her--something evidently we all feel is our lot in the world (although I've known a ton of "Mary's", I've never heard of anyone who actually relates to her in this gospel passage). Which is why, I predict that you heard preached, something that is nowhere to be found in the gospel you heard--a defense of Martha.

Now what makes the Good News (the meaning of the word "gospel"), good news is that it is the message from the king (as Pope Benedict so eloquently brings out in his Jesus of Nazareth), yet when we hear the good news, I find that we almost always want to explain it away, rather than deal with the message being proclaimed. Martha is one of the best examples of this in the Gospels.