Tuesday, November 1, 2005

New Mass Translation

Whenever the new ICEL translation of the Mass is approved, (it could be as soon as next year), much catechesis will be needed. This translation will be radical--but very good! The aims of the translation are to put it back in line with the Scriptures that the Latin and most other translations preserve. The opportunities to use this time of transition before the translation appears to catechize and teach people about the Mass are endless. If you are in a position to catechize your parishioners begin doing so now…do not wait until the last moment!

The bishops of this country had a number of issues with the first new translation that was done by the new ICEL committee. interestingly the latest does not give into most of those "issues" but rather explains the rich theological significance of the changes and particular choice of words. So instead of "Let us prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries" "Let us acknowledge our sins that we may be made ready to celebrate" is defended because as the Bishop's reply the action of the Mass is as much God's as it is ours and "prepare" makes it sound as if it is all our work. That one little snippet shows why this new translation will facilitate the beginning of a great renewal within Catholic liturgical life in the English speaking world.

Before anyone blames Pope Benedict for this--remember this is a Pope John Paul II initiative.