Friday, November 25, 2005

Why There are Only 12 of us Florida Marlin Fans

Here is a team that has won two World Series in its short existence, yet has had horrible owners who are not creative enough to fill the stands nor get community support behind them, but on the contrary put the few fans that they have through this every couple of years...a fire sale where they dump the team to give the Florida fans a triple AAA team. Now which of you triple AAA francise sites wants to replace your minor league team with this one?
Personally I think ownership should have been stripped from Wayne H. when he did this, now that Jeffrey L. is doing it (after his genius handling of the Montreal Expos) I think baseball should take the team away from him also.

The one hopeful sign if you are one of the twelve faithful fans, like I am, is that in getting rid of Carlos Delgado (traded to the Mets) we replace him with Jesus Delgado...there has to be some messianic hope here that a team that once again is being crucified will rise again and confound the baseball gods (little 'g').