Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rome in an Irish Pub (March 2nd)

Amy's Theology on Tap on Thursday evening turned out to be in an Irish Pub called the Scholar's Lounge right next to the Gesu. It was packed with people when we arrived and we squeezed in to a rather comfy area from where she would speak. Joseph settled in with a couple of visitors, Katie with the baby and I with a Guiness and I relaxed.
Amy gave a great talk (you can read a news account here) and many of those we had meant during the week were on hand to be greeted again. A very pleasant evening capped off by the visit of another former colleague the esteemed Monsignor Steven Bosso who arrived just as Amy was finishing up questions.
As Amy greeted her many fans, and the kids were entertained by others, Msgr. Steve and I talked about Scripture and homilies. When we were finished we made plans to have dinner the following evening.
On the way back home, I told Amy "He's going to go back and look up a few of the things I told him." I'll let you know if I was right when I post Friday's goings on. Amy had her own surprise, she told me that Elisabeth Lev had agreed to give us a tour of the Sistine Chapel first thing the next morning.
Evening came, the sixth day.