Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Father Corapi--No Confessions and Bodyguards

Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link... rather strange, especially since I don't find Father Corapi all that "dangerous." But there are plenty I guess who do. Read the thread, its interesting and mostly from people who have heard or seen Father speak in person.

One commentor says that he isn't allowed to say Mass in several dioceses. Very strange.


  1. I confess that I am much more a Groescel fan than a Corapi fan. Fr. Benedict is a man of obvious humility and gentle manner. Fr. Corapi often gives the impression that he is especially pleased with his ability to skewer those he dislikes. I enjoy watching him because he is intelligent and usually thoughtful. He could not be accused of an excess of charity, and he communicates an arrogance that if off-putting. The link you provided doesn't provide much "hard" information, but my impression is that Fr. Corapi is the one who has imposed the "no confession" policy.

  2. Pray for him, his detractors, and may I remark his name is poetically evokative of the Greek 'Corban' for temple treasure 'given to God' used by the evangelist Mark in 7:11 (from the semitic qarab, to approach [the altar]) The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

  3. Fr. Corapi often gives the impression that he is especially pleased with his ability to skewer those he dislikes.

    These "impressions" are, I think, more due to the basic personality. I'm sure Mother Angelica would be the first to admit that she puts off a lot of people by her challenging or argumentative approach - impatience, etc. To some that may appear as "arrogant" or haughty even. Jerome was no model of church lady "charity" either. God bless us all in our unique personalities. Just proves any good done is creditable to God alone. Even with the strong conversion, I doubt if the "special forces" touches in personality completely vanish.

    Once in a while in the Church there appear real "characters".

    BTW, I don't always see Fr. Groeschel as the model of humility and patience either, required by some. Nobody's perfect!

  4. I love both of these priests and really believe they are gifts from God. I truly cherish listening to them.

    I suppose that's why I find the comment about Father Corapi's level of charity and "communicating arrogance" a little maddening. Aren't we being just a bit judgemental here? I suppose that wheather you like him or not is probably a matter of personalities, and not Father Corapi's supposed arrogance or lack of charity. From my perspective, he speaks with a boldness that comes from being truly humble. He does not care what anyone (except our Lord) thinks of him, he simply tells it like it is. You may consider this "off-putting" or "uncharitable", but I think this is based on a misunderstanding of what true charity is. Charity is not being nice to people. Charity involves being aware of Our Lord's love for each person we come in contact with, and in doing so, loving that person. And if you really love someone you feel obligated to tell them the straight, unabashed truth.

    Lets' face it; it's a lot easier to be "nice" and say nothing to someone you think is living in spiritual danger, than it is to point out these dangers to them.

    God Bless both Father Corapi and Father Benedict; and may He send us more priests just like them.

  5. Just picked up on this thread. Let me tell you, Father Corapi along with Mother Anjelica were both responsible for bringing myself and my wife back into the Church. I've met Father Corapi and he was very approachable and very very humble and we're just two folks who showed up to his talks at a church here in Florida. These two have their detractors because they simply tell it like it is. They DO NOT sugarcoat Catholicism and they do not try to rationalize or "psychoanalyze" Catholicsm like Father Groeschel does. God bless Father Groeschel but I get the feeling that if I met an angel and told him about it he would tell me how if was my psyche reacting to some hidden spiritual desire in my life or something..huh?

    My wife and I both learned the faith INCOMPLETELY from the very church catechists that was supposed to instruct us in our faith. This incorrect and incomplete instruction in the faith takes place DAILY in churches all across the nation.

    Unfortunately, in this day and age, everyone wants to feel good and have their Catholicism neatly packaged and easy to digest. It doesn't work that way nor has it ever worked that way in the true Catholic faith despite all the misguided priests, Bishops (Lynch for one), Cardinals (Mahoney and several others) and Churches out there.

    The cafeteria is CLOSED. Authentic, true Catholicism or nothing at all!


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