Friday, April 28, 2006

"And the Love of Many Will Grow Cold"

Pope Benedict says "lovelessness" reason for low birthrates, from CNN International:

Pope Benedict has said the growing number of loveless relationships may be behind declining birthrates in the developed world.

The pope also said on Friday that an "eclipse of love" and lack of moral guidance threatened the intellectual and spiritual development of future generations of children.

"Perhaps the lack of such creative and forward-looking love is the reason why many couples today choose not to marry, why so many marriages fail, and why birthrates have diminished," the pope said in a message to a meeting of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

"It is children and young people who are often the first to experience the consequences of this eclipse of love and hope. Often, instead of feeling loved and cherished, they appear to be merely tolerated."

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  1. The US Census Bureau provides nice data on global population (2002) here.
    Table A-7a breaks out the data by age, region, country.

    Looking at the numbers for global population under age 15 (children):

    There were an estimated 1,808,648,000 children in the world in 2002, that is 29.0% of the global population.

    Of those, 1,595,960,000 or 88.2%, were in "Less Developed" countries (where they were 31.7% of the total population), while 212,687,000 or 11.8% were in "Developed" countries (where they were 17.7% of the total population). Think about that.

    There are 1,007,413,000 chldren, or 55.7% of the global population under age 15, in Asia, with 311,014,000 in China (17.2% of the world's children) and 337,744,000 in India (18.7% of the world's children).

    There are 351,667,000 children, or 19.4% of the global population under age 15, in Africa.

    There are 64,872,000 chilren, or 3.6% of the world's children, in Western Europe.

    There are 60,656,000 chilren, or 3.4% of the world's children, in the United States (and the state with the most children, about 13% of US children, is California).

    Western Europe and the USA have 7% of the world's children.

    Asia and Africa have 76% of the world's children.

    Where is the future?

    -Old Zhou


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