Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Accuracy in the Media

Published by students of John Carroll University...

From Carroll News Online:

Books such as Darrell Bock’s "Breaking the Da Vinci Code," a book which attempts
to answer questions surrounding the novel and Amy Welson’s
"De-Coding Da Vinci," a Catholic response to the issues in the novel, are now
being published. Documentary television shows are aired to rebuttal some of the
issues Brown’s book raises.


  1. Yes, the book has caused quite a "Contorversy" (see headline)

  2. I'm shocked that you quoted anything from the "Carroll News," slapped together by kids at John Carroll University, in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. That rag, published at my alma mater, is worthless (just like the quasi-Catholic, Jesuit university itself).

    In the early 1990s, when I returned to the campus, almost 20 years after graduating, I found the "Carroll News" describing all the different kinds of contraception, for students' "benefit." I found pamphlets in a Student Union Building rack, promoting the use of condoms to fight AIDS. I found that the dorms were now being used by both sexes. I heard that the influence of radical feminism on campus was rampant. I went to a Sunday Vigil Mass in a parish church (across a narrow street from the campus) where many students go and where JCU Jesuits celebrate Mass, and I had the "privilege" of seeing the church desecrated by "liturgical dance."

    It's all so sickening. My fellow alumni should not send the Jesuits one red cent. Please pray that Cleveland's new bishop (to be installed five days from now) will bring the diocese back from its current deathbed -- and will threaten JCU that he will cease to recognize it as Catholic unless it radically changes itself.

  3. Hello, jcurley. You wrote, "I agree with anonymous that JCU is barely Catholic in many/most respects. ... That said, I don't see a reason not to quote the article."

    The problem is that the quotation was presented without any clarification -- that it was coming from a CINO school (Catholic In Name Only).

    Places like our alma mater don't deserve good publicity from a truly Catholic blog. If readers here don't bother to come and look at our comments, they may mistakenly think that JCU is one of the few truly Catholic colleges in the U.S.A.. They may send it money to waste -- or even their kids to "devour"!

  4. Not sure what the fuss is from the point is that the errors present in the piece could hardly be an endorsement for the school.


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