Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fired for not Practicing What You Teach

Diocese of Green Bay, in Appleton, WI. My guess is that there is more to this story, something akin to a very public dissent from Church teaching that isn't being told in the stories below:

From ABC's Good Morning America:

After five years trying to conceive, Kelly and Eric Romenesko decided to try in vitro fertilization.

Their twins, Alexandria and Allison, were born last year. It was a joyous event in the couple's life.

"They're miracles. They're precious," Kelly Romenesko said.

The couple were not prepared for what came next. When Kelly, a teacher at two Catholic schools in Wisconsin, told her bosses she had gotten pregnant through in vitro, they handed her a pink slip.

From the Local Press:

Kelly Romenesko wanted to get her story before the public, but appearing live on network TV was a little more exposure than she had anticipated.

A camera crew from ABC's "Good Morning America" was setting up at the Romenesko's house Wednesday night for a live broadcast this morning.

Oh, and Geraldo called. So did CNN.

Romenesko lost her teaching job with ACES/Xavier, the system that runs Appleton's seven Catholic schools, in 2004 for having in-vitro fertilization. The procedure violated her contract with the district, which requires teachers to act and teach in accordance with church doctrine. Unbeknownst to Romenesko, the Roman Catholic Church opposes in-vitro fertilization.