Saturday, May 13, 2006

In India: Ban These Films!

One is well known to you, the other may not be.

From Asia News Italy:

Indian Catholics protesting against two films, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Tickle my funny bone”, have scored their first victory. The films are held to be “offensive to the community’s religious sentiments. Meanwhile, Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil today joined his voice to the chorus of condemnation.

Yesterday, the KBC, distributors of the second film, tendered an apology and said it will not use posters showing censored portions of the film. The Central Board of Film Certification has postponed release of the film, which was scheduled to take place yesterday, and censured parts of the film.

“Tickle My Funny Bone”, directed by Yogendra Konkar, is about a Catholic nun – depicted as a seducer – who has an affair with a married man. Vinayak Azad, head of the Central Board of Film Certification for Maharashtra state, assured Christian representatives that no vulgar scenes will be kept in the film and no symbols of the Christian Church, like churches, rosaries and crosses will be screened.

Before the cinema release of the censored film, a premier of “Tickle my funny bone” will be screened for Christians, so they may ascertain that the film does not include any offensive images.

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  1. Michael: it may interest you to know that "The Last Temptation of Christ" was also banned in some parts of India (I think Kerala), for a while. Generally, I wish India would get rid of film censorship, period. It's not befitting a mature democracy. It's not just religiously offensive stuff that gets banned -- culturally offensive stuff (I believe Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was banned. Or so we were told in school.) and all kinds of politically critical movies ("New Delhi Times" which was critical of government corruption, comes to mind). I haven't lived in India in over a decade, so I don't know whether attitudes have changed on the ground. However, what I remember is that a movie that is censored is still seen, either partially (as these will be) or in the black market. As calls for boycotts do here, it just increases the visibility of the movie. And it lumps all the opposition to the movies in the "these are the nuts that want to repress free speech" category.


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