Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bishop in China Released from Prison

After ten years...from Monsters and Critics:

Bishop An Shuxin was freed on Friday but remains under police surveillance in his diocese of Baoding, in the northern province of Hebei, the Cardinal Kung Foundation said in a statement.

An, 57, who was arrested in May 1996, has government permission to resume his religious work, the Stamford, Connecticut-based foundation which promotes the Roman Catholic Church in China, said.

Foundation president Joseph Kung welcomed the release as a 'good sign' but said six more bishops remain in Chinese prisons.

'All other underground bishops are under surveillance, or are under house arrest, or are hiding,' Kung said in the statement.


  1. From Hong Kong's South China Morning Post. Note that everyone, inlcuding the beggars, have work permits in the PRC.
    The Hebei provincial government has released a bishop in the underground Catholic Church held under house arrest for more than 10 years, after he recognised the government's authority over the church, his superior said.
    An Shuxin , 57, the underground bishop in Baoding , had received release documents from the United Front Work Department and the Ethnic and Religions Affairs Department, according to Su Changshan , the official bishop of the Baoding diocese.

    The US-based Cardinal Kung Foundation yesterday said Bishop An was released from prison on Thursday but remained under surveillance, despite appearing to have a permit to work as a bishop.

    Rome-based Catholic news service AsiaNews yesterday reported that the bishop had not registered with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the body set by the Communist Party to control the church.

  2. And Catholic Hierarchy lists this diocese as Vacant?


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