Thursday, September 28, 2006

End of an Era 2

I used to work for Fr. Skehan, liked him a lot and I think he was well loved by his parishioners. Having said that this latest news is not a shock, and I think if similar accounting and audits were done others would find themselves in the same kind of hot water he finds himself in...I also think if he gets a good lawyer he will be able to beat this charge...because quite frankly people often say..."this money is for you Father, do with it what you want" they may mean one thing when they say that, but you could certianly take it at face value--an old time pastors did run their parishes like a little kingdom.

Police: Former Delray priests stole $8.6M from church


  1. I keep reading of priests accused of stealing from their parishes and I wonder how it is in this day and age that anyone who handles money which doesn't belong to him doesn't have to have at least two signatures on any cheque. Our Sunday collection monies are counted by a team and deposited in the bank by a secretary. The parish accounts are audited yearly by an accountant.

  2. $8.6M is a lot of "walking around" money. This is large scale fraud by any standard. And what lawyer is going to get them off on the IRS tax charges? You can't believe they paid taxes on this money, can you?

  3. Perhaps I'm naive, but I think that if lay persons tell the pastor to "use it (the money) as you like" they trust that he will be financially responsible and make the needs of the parish and those in genuine need his priority.
    Gambling, travel, investments, support of lovers are completely inappropriate uses of parish donations, and any honest pastor knows that.


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