Thursday, September 28, 2006

End of an Era

Saint Meinrad alum will remember the Shady Inn, for many it was something to be passed by in a hurry, but for others it was a frequent haunt--I was one of the "others." From its shoot the duck game on the wall, to the local workers at the book plant that hung out there after work it provided a dose of "reality" to some. The night Lenny, the owner pulled out his shot gun and shot a round for the roof to run off someone barred from the joint is ingrained in my memory forever.
Now it is gone--tore down for the television show Extreme Makeover--so a lot of people will get to see its demise, where only a few ever enjoyed its respite.

From the Saint Meinrad Alumni Newsletter:

One of the first projects Monday night was to tear down The Shady Inn,
which has sat unused for several years, to provide a larger building site. Many
alumni will remember this "hangout," which was located across the street from
the post office.

Once when taking a friend there on our way to Chicago, the owner's wife was heard to say to a patron (about ten times while we were there) "They don't call it 'shady' for nothing."