Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Sign? Pope's Ring Keeps Falling Off

I couldn't resist the Spirit Daily angle (without a doubt one of my favorite sites!)

From IOL:

Pope Benedict may have to have his ring tightened.

According to Italian media reports, the papal ring slipped off his finger twice while he was shaking hands with well-wishers as he left Verona's Bentegodi stadium on Thursday.

The faithful into whose palms the gold ring fell promptly gave it back each time.


  1. Michael, where on Spirit Daily is the reference to the pope's ring? I too love Spirit Daily insights but couldn't find this one. thanks

  2. No reference that I know of on Michael Brown's site, I meant that I was adopting his style...didn't want anyone to think I was ripping off his way of presenting the news without giving him a nod.

  3. Is the Holy Father losing weight? That is usually why rings which haven't been a problem, slip off.


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