Thursday, November 16, 2006

Forget About Politicians and Lay People, What About Priests?

Dissent from church teaching usually comes from the an old saying has it "every heresy comes from the altar" meaning the clergy. Until there is some real policing of dissenting clerics, clerics who've lost their faith, etc.--I doubt anyone can expect the laity to walk lockstep when their pastors aren't. For every John Kerry there is a Jesuit or Paulist priest advising him that he can do and say what he wants (in good conscience) and remain a Catholic in good standing. Why? Because they (the clerics) do this and aren't removed or even reprimanded.

In today's Tennessean, a priest who was reprimanded for two years, but then allowed to speak out again and does so today:

On birth control, Breen said, "I really think if the bishops had two or
three children, they'd be better informed on what constitutes great parenthood.
Catholics have already examined their conscience and determined (birth control)
is a necessary part of parenthood."

A clasmate of Cardinal Levada's, btw.