Saturday, December 9, 2006

Questons About the Spiritual LIfe

I'm working on a new book that will be written by Father Benedict Groeschel--where he will answer questions about the Spiritual life, covering such topics as:

  • What is the spiritual life?
  • You mean the spiritual life isn't just something monks and nuns worry about?
  • You mean the Mass and Sacraments are supposed to help me grow in the spiritual life?
  • Is there a patern of growth in the spiritual life similar to the patern of growth we find in the physical life, i.e. infancy, childhood, adolesence, adulthood,etc.?
  • How should I live out my life if I'm growing spiritually?

I'd like to develop a good series of questions that people have out there (and this means you, whoever you are reading this). Please either send me your questions about the spiritual life or leave them in the comments here. Also leave your name and where you live (, state) and if I use your question, we'll put you in the acknowledgements at the end of the book.

Update: 12/10: Keep the questions coming, they are good and very helpful--they'll make the book really, really useful to thousands of people... here is another area that I'd like to add based on the questions I've received already:
  • Obstacles to growing in the Spiritual Life