Friday, March 2, 2007

Antichrist is a Pacifist, Ecologist and Ecumenist

From Cardinal Biffi's preaching to Pope Benedict XVI on Soloviev's A Short Story on the Antichrist. The interesting thing is that what makes this the teaching of the anti-Christ versus the true Christ is the absence of Christ, the God man. For Soloviev the antichrist was not God made man, but rather a man who attempted to be god--who co-ops the message of Christ minus of course Christ. So it isn't that a true follower of Christ is a warmonger, destroyer of nature or hater of those who are different--not at all, but the follower of Christ, worships Him and inspired by the truth is all of the above but in a different way than the egoist whose true aim isn't the truth but a lie.
I think we all readily see that this has come to pass in a way that Soloviev's day (pre-1900) was only at its conception. One could add to this list, because it is in Soloviev's work that the antichrist is also a builder of community and tolerance (except for Christ as the Son of God). Much to reflect upon in this message.