Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why Feminists Hate Harry Potter

In the current edition of The Wanderer by Pete Vere:

Harry Potter Christian litera­ture? A number of Catholic com­mentators, including those who have previously been critical of the children’s series, are begin­ning to ask this question. One such author is Nancy Carpentier Brown, who is well known with­in Catholic home- schooling cir­cles as a writer who promotes Catholic orthodoxy.

Our Sunday Visitor has just published Brown’s The Mystery of Harry Potterto read more...

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  1. There will be people who love such a gigantic success and will be haters. At the end it's just a book created a big hype. Since the series initiated I never liked the books or the movies. And the fuss about the last book, finally made me build . If you want to spit out your hatred or dislike feel free to come in.
    Disclaimer: When I say "hate", it aligns more with "dislike". ;)


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