Friday, August 10, 2007

Kaddish Read at Lustiger's Funeral

I have a Jewish friend who was very close to Pope John Paul II and when he died her family was summoned to Rome, where her son read the Kaddish over the pope's remains in the papal chapel.

From Jewish World:

France bade farewell to Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger on Friday in a ceremony that mixed prayers from his Jewish roots with the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, a faith to which he converted during World War Two.

A cousin of the late archbishop of Paris, Arno Lustiger, read the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead said in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, at the start of the ceremony outside Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris.

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  1. Dear Michael - As a Jew with a healthy interest in Christianity in its manifest forms, I was and am perplexed by the fact that someone said Kaddish for the Cardinal. Why? Because as any educated Jew can tell you, the Kaddish is NOT a prayer for the dead (although many uneducated Jews make that error); El Male Rahamim is a prayer for the peaceful repose of the deceased. The Kaddish was and has always been a prayer for the Coming of the Messiah. So either the Jew reciting Kaddish for the Cardinal was ignorant - or was making a blatant statement that the Messiah had not come, regardless what the Cardinal thought, and hence was in effect spitting upon his grave. This is merely my take. Phil (


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